Reaching, Crawling, Walking

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Reaching, Crawling, Walking

Let’s Get Moving

Susan S. Simmons, Ph.D. & Sharon O'Mara Maida, M.Ed. ©1992

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From the introduction...
The purpose of this booklet is to help you, as parents of young children who are visually impaired or blind, understand what Orientation and Mobility is and how you can influence the independence of your child. We believe that every child's independence, self confidence, and self-image affects how they learn. We believe that O&M means independence, and independence means freedom!

As we wrote this booklet we wanted you to be able to see your own child on these pages. For this reason we have done two things. We have alternated he and she by section so that both boys and girls are recognized. We have also made a conscious effort to say “child who is visually impaired” placing the value on the child and not on the disability. These are two small considerations with major significance as to how we use language to demonstrate our philosophies.

Table of Contents

The New Arrival
Reach Out and Touch
My Favorite Things
Things To Remember

Rocking and Rolling
Creeping and Crawling…I'm Really Moving Now
Stepping Up
Things To Remember

Finding My Way
Creating Trails…Trailing!
Surprises…How To Enjoy Them Without Bumps
Things To Remember

Cane Use
Using Pre-Cane Mobility Devices
Learning To Use A White Cane
Things To Remember


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