Parent Mentor Training Manual

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Parent Mentor Training Manual

Training parents of children with special needs to provide peer mentoring

Paul Schmitt, L.C.S.W. & Fernanda Armenta-Schmitt, Ph.D. ©2004

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From the introduction...
In general, families have the opportunity to determine the kind of lives they wish to lead. In order for families of children with special needs to exercise such self-determination, they require opportunities that perpetuate a sense of well being, strengthen natural abilities, and promote an internalized sense of competency. They may have to learn skills to successfully navigate such systems as medicine, education, social services, therapeutic treatment, psychology, law and insurance. These skills and motivations best flourish in an environment that provides access to knowledge and information, and opportunities to rehearse and master new skills.

As a whole, service providers have finally begun to embrace the notion that parental involvement is the primary factor in fostering family and child success. And, across the board, we are committed to the principal that a family's capacity to advocate for their own needs is the key to that success. The quality of care an individual parent receives impacts the quality of care they in turn give to their children, partners and families.

Table of Contents

About This Training Project
Hiring a Mentor
Clinical Supervision
Cultural Competence
Skill Development
Monitoring and Evaluation



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