Move with Me

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Move with Me

A parent’s guide to movement development for babies who are visually impaired

Doris Hug, M.S., R.P.T., Nancy Chernus-Mansfield, M.A., Dori Hayashi, M.A. ©1987
Second Edition edited by: Katherine Tatsuno, Doctorate of Physical Therapy ©2016

$10 Available in English (24 pages) and Spanish (First Edition only) (12 pages)

From the introduction...
Babies with a serious visual loss often prefer their world to be constant and familiar. Therefore, they tend to resist changes, and this includes changes in position. Many parents have told us that their visually impaired babies only enjoy lying on their backs. From the very beginning, then, it is important to introduce a wide range of movement activities to your visually impaired baby. The earlier we start and the more appealing we make these activities, the more comfortable your baby will be when trying new positions.

This booklet offers a variety of ways for you to promote your baby's movement development. The suggestions are meant to be guidelines and we hope that you will use them in ways that work best for you and your baby. In everything you do with your baby, the two words to remember are “talk” and “cuddle” because your voice and touch are the two most soothing ways to comfort and reassure your baby.

Table of Contents

The first few months of life
After tummy play…now what?
Moving into space!


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