Heart to Heart

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Heart to Heart

Parents of children who are blind and partially sighted talk about their feelings

Nancy Chernus-Mansfield, M.A., Dori Hayashi, M.A., Marilyn Horn, M.S.W., Linda Kekelis, M.A. ©1986

$10 Booklet in English or Spanish (12 pages)
$35 Video in DVD or VHS format

From the introduction...
Through the years, we have been privileged to have many parents discuss with us their reactions and concerns upon learning that their babies are visually handicapped. Because of their openness, we have become aware that many feelings are commonly shared.

Parents are able to come together and meet other families at the Blind Childrens Center. This sharing process acknowledges that their feelings are a normal reaction to a diagnosis of visual impairment and reassures parents that they are not alone.


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