First Steps

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First Steps

A handbook for teaching young children who are visually impaired

Tanni L. Anthony, Ed.S., Fernanda Armenta-Schmitt, Ph.D., Deborah Chen, Ph.D., Diane L. Fazzi, Margaret A. Hughes, Mary Ellen McCann, M.A., Patricia Nagaishi, M.A., OTR, Judy Segal, M.A., C.C.C., Susan S. Simmons, Ph.D., Ann Stout, M.D. ©1993

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From the introduction...
The world of children with visual impairments is a very different one from ours. Sound and touch take on new meaning when sight is severally limited or nonexistent. Although these children are faced with a puzzling array of sensation and information, our love and guidance can create a safe and nurturing path for them to follow. Parents, family members, educators, and health care professionals find themselves drawn together by the formidable challenges of these children's infant and preschool years. In surmounting the difficulties, everyone grows and learns — a never-ending process that tests and enriches all whose lives are touched by children with visual impairments.

Blindness and visual impairment have been on the rise during the past several decades. The medical community possesses a deeper understanding of many causes and today there are effective treatments for a larger number of visual conditions. Unfortunately, along with this progress there has been an increase in the incidence of multi-impairment. This has largely been due to the higher survival rate of newborns as a result of medical advances and, to a lesser extent, due to an over-all decrease in the accessibility of prenatal health care in the nation's urban centers. Now more than ever, a team approach must be employed to address the needs of a growing number of children whose impairments go beyond vision problems.

Table of Contents

Early childhood development
Professionals who work with children who are visually impaired
The eye
The family
Behavior management
Speech and Language development
Sensorimotor integration
Motor development
Orientation and mobility skill development
Self-help skills
Individualized educational plan and individualized family service plan



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